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Assassins: The App. For iPhone, Android, and Web

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Even if you don't have a smartphone, you can still play Assassins

Social App for a Social Game

Assassins is an awesome game in which people have to eliminate a given target by tagging them in real life. The winner in the end is the last person who has not been eliminated. We knew that assigning targets and reporting kills could be done much easier with an app than by hand, but when we started making it, we realized there were tons of features we could add that would not only make the game more fun, but also way cooler. This game integrates Facebook to make an awesome gameplay experience.

Awesome Features

Here are just some of our amazing features:

  • View target's name and Facebook profile pic
  • Report kills on the spot and post to Facebook
  • See a map of the locations of all kills
  • See a graph of the connections of all current players
  • Anonymously message your assassin and target
  • See a leaderboard of assassins
  • Our algorithm makes it more likely that your target will be someone on your Facebook friends list
  • Game rounds encourage exciting play: Kill or be Killed!
Signup to Play at MIT

Blue Kangaroo Labs and the Class of 2015 Council are organizing a huge class-wide game. Any freshman with a Facebook account can play. We already have more than one hundred people signed up, so it will be pretty awesome. The app is available for iPhone and Android and the web version can be viewed on any computer or phone with a browser. All are completely free! The game will start on Wednesday, April 18, and these are the rules. Sign up here to be part of this massive game.